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  • We are incredibly excited to announce the appointment of Tiffanee Cook as our second foundation ambassador.

    Tiff epitomises everything that we stand for, health (both mental and physical), fitness, wellbeing, open and honest mental health conversations, recovery, and growth.

  • In this tenth episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" we are joined by one of the original - and much-respected - members of the Code 9 Family - Rob Atkins. This episode comes with a content warning as we discuss aspects of the Black Saturday bushfires, so if that event is difficult for you, or you are having a tough day today, perhaps come back and listen some other time, or skip over this episode.

  • In this ninth episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation", CEO of Beyond Blue Georgie Harman joins us to discuss why it is so important for us to look at how the country deals with mental health, how can support the well-being of those in the emergency services and on the frontline protecting the community, and her reflections on the importance of "self-replenishment" and "nothing about us without us". #youareneveralone 

  • In this eighth episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" we are joined by CEO of Ambulance Victoria, Tony Walker. Tony joins us to reflect on the journey AV has taken to change the culture around well-being and to break down stigma and normalise conversations around mental health. #youareneveralone 

  • In this seventh episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation", we are joined by former Victorian Premier, Liberal Leader, and founder of not-for-profit organisation Beyond Blue. Jeff joins us to reflect on his passion for promoting the importance of good mental health and we discuss his motivation for starting Beyond Blue, how he helped it grow into the world-leading mental health support organisation that it is today, and why he might just have been the right person to open up a dialogue about depression, #youareneveralone 

  • In this sixth episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" we are joined by outgoing Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Graham Ashton. Graham joins us to reflect on his 40-year career in law enforcement, breaking down the stigma associated with mental health, and why he wishes he had of acted sooner to normalise the conversation around mental health and well-being within Victoria Police. #youareneveralone  #GrahamAshton 

  • In this fifth episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" we are joined by Andrew Crisp, Victoria's Emergency Management Commissioner. During his career, which includes experience in senior emergency management and policing leadership positions, Andrew has been involved in responses to a number of major incidents, such as the Ash Wednesday Bushfires, the 2009 Victorian Bushfires, Christchurch earthquake, Queensland floods, the 2017 Bourke Street Tragedy and more recently the 2020 bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic. Andrew joins us to discuss how he protects his mental health and well-being.#youareneveralone

  • In this fourth episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" former AFL footballer, three-time premiership player, and captain of the Geelong Cats, Cameron Ling joins us to reflect on the unique mental health challenges of playing - and retiring from - sport at the elite level.#youareneveralone

  • In this third episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" we are joined by one of the Code 9 Family - Don Gillies. Don needs no introduction, a long career in both police and ambulance, and now a formidable voice for advancing the conversation around first responder mental health and well-being. Don joins us to discuss his passion for supporting well-being through mindfulness and yoga. #youareneveralone

  • In this second episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" Greg Dean, former Senior Sergeant of Welfare Services at Victoria Police, joins us to discuss his reflections on how we can best support well-being within the emergency services. #youareneveralone

  • In this first episode of The Code 9 Foundation's new podcast series it seemed fitting to kick things off with Founder and President Mark Thomas. Mark joins us to reflect on his experiences with PTSD, why he established the Foundation, and the importance of the tagline #youareneveralone

  • by Erin Cotter-smith - Associate Professor, Edith Cowan University

    There’s nothing that makes you feel as powerless as living with a partner with PTSD.

    This reflection has stayed with me for days.


  • 7.30 on the ABC tonight featured Code 9’s new assistance dog, Codey!

    And also hear more from our Committee Member Rob, Founder Mark, and learn more about Ambulance Victoria’s incredible peer dog support program!  Watch it now...

  • Introducing Codey!

    Well Code 9 family, we have some pretty exciting news to share with you all!

    As you know, it’s our privilege to be able to support first responders and 000 operators who are living with mental health conditions resulting from service to the community.

    We’ve seen the power of peer support. And we’ve also seen the incredible impact of PUPPY support!

  • In this months issue of the Australian Emergency Services Magazine is The Code 9 Foundation's Research Consultant Erin Smith talks about protecting the mental health of our first responders in the first issue of her new regular monthly column “Let’s talk mental health”. 

  • This month our Founder Mark Thomas and Research Consultant Erin Cotter-Smith chatted with the Australian Emergency Services Magazine about the Foundation. It was a great opportunity to talk about how Code 9 started and to highlight who we are and what we do to support first responder mental health.

  • Peace Advocate and former South Australian of the Year Gill Hicks has been announced as the first Ambassador for The Code 9 Foundation.

    Gill Hicks is considered to be one of the most thought provoking, powerful and life affirming speakers in Australia. She is globally known as a survivor of the London terrorist attacks of July 7th, 2005.

  • One of our committee members, Julie, attended the Cargo Club of Australia Inc. luncheon today where Steve and Darren presented her with a $2,000 donation to the foundation.

    Incredibly appreciative of the Cargo Club and a massive thankyou to Steve and Darren (and others) who made this happen.

  • A big congratulations to Julie Scollary who is one of our Project All In Scholarship winners. We'll be covering Julie's flight and accommodations and she'll be attending our symposium as our special guest.

  • Incredibly grateful to Ambulance Victoria who donated $9,100 to the foundation yesterday. Our President Mark attended AV HQ and was presented with the cheque from AV CEO Tony Walker.

  • Very grateful to be given the opportunity to present to Rotary Club of Doncaster last night. 
    Incredible gesture by the club to make a $500 donation to the foundation which we are highly appreciative of. 

  • Rob Atkins and Jimmy appeared on Channel 9 News tonight speaking of the amazing benefits of Assistance Dogs in the treatment of PTSD.

  • The foundation is very proud to say that we donated $2,000 to The Path of the Horse today to assist them in purchasing much needed hay for their magnificent horses.

  • How brilliant of the crew at ESTA 000 Burwood East who had a potato day and in the process raised $200 for the foundation.

    Thanks so much to everyone involved. Very much appreciated.

  • Awesome work Jay!!!

    Congrats to all who completed todays stadium stomp.

    Massive shoutout to both Jay and Bex from Triple Zero Fit who represented the foundation today and raised some important funds that will go directly back to first responders to help them get their lives back.

  • All of us here at the Foundation are incredibly proud of Don and the way he opened up on Channel 10’s Taboo tonight.

    Four incredibly courageous and honest people coming together to remove the stigma associated with mental health.

    If you missed the show, make sure you check out 10 Play to view it.

  • Today our President helped launch a pilot program where first responders will be able to access mental health treatment pretty much immediately after a traumatic event or in the case that they have cumulative stress and this is before it is signed off on workcover.