I want to support code 9 as the forum was a huge support to me and a wealth of knowledge when I was staring down the barrel of being ill health retired.  Just want to give back.

To help us continue to concentrate our donated funds on helping our members Dale Henry has very generously donated a lump sum of money to Code 9 with the goal to cover our digital or technology costs associated with managing a non-profit foundation.

Dale owns the mortgage broker, Mortgage Haven.  He is based in Drouin but offers appointments in person, by phone or via zoom.  If you need a mortgage broker, five Dale a call.


mortgage haven broker drouin

  • Owned an operated by a Police Veteran with 14 years service.
  • Understands needs of those with PTSD / Mental Health as have walked that path.
  • Specialises in finance for members and veterans in receipt of ESS Super Pensions and Work Cover.
  • Regionally based (Drouin), can do appointments in person, phone or zoom.
  • We have a panel of approximately 30 different lenders tailor home loans to the specific needs of each client.