Code 9 provides a place of support for current & veteran professional first responders & 000 operators who live with PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions that result from their service to the community.

This support is available both in the ‘virtual world’ as well as via organised Peer to Peer ‘Catch-up’ nights, Coffee meet ups and other formal events.

The path through mental illness can be an isolating and lonely road.   At Code 9 we reach out and teach one another that they are never alone in their respective journeys, and we protect, support and encourage one another to do what is necessary to recover.


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event ...


Diagnosis should be carried out by a qualified practitioner. We have listed the criteria required for the diagnosis of PTSD....


If you believe you are suffering from PTSD you should seek clinical help immediately. Here are some suggestions...

Donate Now

Help us to provide more life saving assistance dogs to those suffering from PTSD.

What we do

  • Show all first responders that they are never alone.
  • Raise funds to sponsor assistance dogs through Assistance Dogs Australia
  • Hold partners and carers forums to help this critical group of people understand mental injuries and how they can best look after themselves alongside of their injured partner
  • Eradicate the mental health stigma within first responders and see that flow on to the community
  • Connect with former first responders to get them back among their mates
  • Promote positivity and healthy living
  • Offer advice to those that are struggling - to speak to a GP or psych and ensure that peer to peer support is offered
  • Educate those that are mentally healthy to ensure it stays that way
  • Refer first responders or their family members for clinical treatment

News & Media

  • 11 August 19

    Rob Atkins and Jimmy appeared on Channel 9 News tonight speaking of the amazing benefits of Assistance Dogs in the treatment of ...

  • 31 July 19

    The foundation is very proud to say that we donated $2,000 to The Path of the Horse today to assist them in purchasing much needed hay for their magnificent ...

  • 24 July 19

    How brilliant of the crew at ESTA 000 Burwood East who had a potato day and in the process raised $200 for the foundation.

    Thanks so much to everyone involved. Very much ...

  • 30 June 19

    Awesome work Jay!!!

    Congrats to all who completed todays stadium stomp.

    Massive shoutout to both Jay and Bex from Triple Zero Fit who represented the foundation today and raised some important funds that will go directly back to first responders to help them get their lives ...

  • 27 June 19

    All of us here at the Foundation are incredibly proud of Don and the way he opened up on Channel 10’s Taboo tonight.

    Four incredibly courageous and honest people coming together to remove the stigma associated with mental health.

    If you missed the show, make sure you check out 10 Play to view it.

  • 12 June 19

    Today our President helped launch a pilot program where first responders will be able to access mental health treatment pretty much immediately after a traumatic event or in the case that they have cumulative stress and this is before it is signed off on ...

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