The foundation is very proud to say that we donated $2,000 to The Path of the Horse today to assist them in purchasing much needed hay for their magnificent horses.

The Path of the Horse found themselves in need of hay and we are very excited we could help with this.

The Path of the Horse specialise in equine therapy for sufferers of PTSD and other mental health conditions and the amount of current and veteran ADF and first responders that have gained significant help through this program is profound.

Their success stories are many and nothing short of remarkable. If you aren’t familiar with their work please check their socials and you will know why this donation means so much to them.

In the spirit of our moto “You are never alone” this donation means that equine therapy courses can continue unabated and course attendees can get the important rehabilitation they need.

The foundation is not that far away from sponsoring our first assistance dog and also launching into more ways that we can help our injured members and their families.