The Code 9 Foundation is proud to introduce our newest ambassador: Gillian Lantouris.

Gillian Lantouris is a journalist working for Nine News. She has worked for the Nine Network for five years covering a range of topics from crime and courts, political issues, breaking news and various current affairs.

She graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Media and Communications. Gillian grew up in the beach-side suburb of Mentone but has recently opted for a sea-change, basing herself near Torquay.

Gillian is passionate about covering stories involving Victoria Police - she is often found amid the chaos of a crime scene and works closely with uniform police members, detectives, and supervising officers to give accurate and fair information to the public. When Victoria Police need help generating coverage and getting answers to help solve a crime, Gillian’s interest is always piqued, and she is willing help get the story out there in Nine News’ 6pm and 4pm bulletins. Gillian is also determined to show the good work of police members, when an arrest is made or police are using their powers to benefit the community, she works closely with the Police Media Unit to organise interviews and footage of the event. Gillian has been part of the Nine News coverage of significant police events such as the tragic Eastern Freeway crash, the Bourke Street attack, Victoria Police’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as positive policing stories such as the location of missing autistic boy William Callaghan and Mornington Peninsula uniform members rescuing a border collie who went missing in the surf.

When Gillian isn’t chasing stories or refreshing the Victoria Police media website, she enjoys catching waves, reading, and taking the dog out for a walk.

The work of Victoria Police is close to Gillian’s heart, she has family members and friends in the force including her better half. These connections have enabled Gillian to show a genuine sense of empathy towards members and respect for them as individuals, bettering her craft as a journalist. She appreciates the work of Victoria Police and by being Code 9’s ambassador she hopes she can assist with shining a spotlight on the gruelling work of members and the mental and physical strain they face each and every day to keep members of the community safe.

Welcome Gillian!