Aromatherapy and essential oils are a useful tool to ground yourself in times of distress and to help manage your symptoms.

Some members have noted benefits in using oils around the home in diffusers to help calm them and for sleep and other oils dripped onto a leather or lava-bead wristband to help them ground themselves when out in the world.

Some oils that have been known to achieve results are:

Lavender - to help alleviate fear, anxiety, stress, panic and depression, as well as reduce nightmares and sleep disturbances.
Bergamot - to help relieve anxiety and fear.
Ylang ylang and clary sage - to assist with anger and rage.
Frankincense, chamomile and sandalwood - to assist with general PTSD syptoms.

For best results visit a trained aromatherapist to learn how to use, and get the benefits of, essential oils safely to assist with your PTSD.