If you think you may need a little, or a lot, of help your relevant service have direct options available for you.

There are many mental health resources on offer for first responders suffering from PTSD see below for contact information for those seeking assistance. 

You're never alone.


First Responders



9665 4500

(Quote pager 202 354)



Acacia EAP 
1300 364 273




1800 MANERS (626 377)

Code 9 are here to provide some shelter from the storm.

Here at the Code 9 Foundation, we don’t just offer peer support, we provide a range of support services to help out when times are tough. Whether that’s delivering some meals to help take the pressure off, organising some home maintenance to help the family spend some quality time together or sending them off on a well needed weekend away.

If you know someone in the Code 9 family that could use some help, you included, nominate them here.

Code 9

Peer Support Catch ups

Sometimes a quiet coffee and a chat, sometimes an organised event with speakers and presentations our peer support catch ups allow members that have PTSD, depression and anxiety to relax in an atmosphere that is free of judgement, free of stigma and super supportive.

Members get to have a few hours of relaxation time, away from triggers and be surrounded by fellow first responders who know exactly what they are going through.

We make it very clear that this is not group formal or clinical group therapy, just good old fashioned in person peer to peer support and proving that no one is ever alone.

Code 9 Partners & Carers

Support for Partners & Carers of members suffering with PTSD

Code 9 also run a supportive group for the partners and carers of first responders suffering from PTSD.  We are very aware of the importance partners and families play in the support of those suffering from PTSD and know the impact living with someone suffering from PTSD has on them.

The Code 9 Partners & Carers support group gives spouses and partners, who have never been a first responder, their own safe place to share their own stories and concerns and like the original Code 9 group allows the members to support each other and know that they too are not alone.