We are incredibly excited to announce the appointment of Tiffanee Cook as our second foundation ambassador.

Tiff epitomises everything that we stand for, health (both mental and physical), fitness, wellbeing, open and honest mental health conversations, recovery, and growth.

Tiff is a businesswoman, performance coach, boxer, fitness expert, a huge supporter of first responders, which is evident by the amount of members of that community she has hosted on her podcast, “Roll With The Punches” and her fitness work with our Ambulance Victoria colleagues.

The saying, “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”, is contained within Tiffs website and Tiff has been punched in the face, both literally and figuratively, however the personal growth that is evident within Tiff after she experienced adversity is incredibly impressive and highly motivational.

Tiff has had her own mental health journey which she has speaks about and how she emerged from her journey to what she is today, an extremely driven, energetic and empathetic person who has a passion for helping others.  

When COVID-19 hit, like so many others, Tiff found herself with a lot of spare time on her hands so Tiff being Tiff, put that time to use and launched her podcast, ‘Roll With The Punches’. She became Producer for one of Australia’s leading presenters and educators, Craig Harper’s podcast, ‘The You Project’ and also launched her latest business, “That Podcast Chick” where Tiff put her podcast production skills to good use to help people build their business, brand, influence and reach by producing their own podcasts.

We are very grateful to have Tiff on board to help us in our journey of showing that no first responder ever feels alone in their mental health journeys.

Welcome Tiff!!


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