Find Your Fit in February

During the month of February, we want you to find your fit. So what does that mean? It means that we want you to find what works best for you, not someone else, but you.
Physical fitness plays such an important role in mental health and when you find what you enjoy doing, it is a lot easier to start and continue to do.
Be that running, swimming, hiking, trekking, surfing, stand up paddleboarding, tennis, squash, mountain bike riding, road cycling, weights, yoga, walking or whatever gets your body moving and contributes to a higher level of fitness.
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We have three awesome people helping us out which in turn is helping you out.

Roll with the punches - Tiffany Cook

Tiffany Cook Roll With The Punches Podcast

Tiff also happens to be one of our ambassadors. Tiff is highly passionate about mental and physical health, which listeners to her podcast will attest to.

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Fit my soul - Shane 'Flash' Gordon

Shane Gordon 'Flash' Fit My Soul

Flash is the owner/operator of Fit My Soul in Mount Waverley and he “gets it”. Flash has a great understanding of self-care and treats his clients the way anyone with a personal trainer would want, a very deep and personal relationship where he strives to get the best out of you.

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Jaime Gillard - Zero Point Yoga

Jaime Gillard Zero Point Yoga

Jaime is a fully qualified yoga instructor operating out of Zero Point Yoga and is passionate about connecting mental and physical health through controlled breathing and gentle movement. Jaime also runs a trauma informed yoga class designed for front line workers.

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We will post some videos of Tiff, Flash and Jaime doing some simple exercises for you to follow along and learn from. We will also post some easy made healthy snacks to compliment you when you are finding your fit.