1st - 31st October 2021


000 TO 9000 STEPS

Take yourself from 000 to 9000 steps! 
Any way you can!

So you want to shake off some of those COVID kilos, improve your mental health and help out The Code 9 Foundation?

This is where you come to join the team and register to support the 000 - 9000 steps challenge for The Code 9 Foundation.   The first steps to improving your physical and mental health and supporting the health of first responders starts here.

The response to the pandemic has been a trying time for our front-line first responders and they need your support more than ever.   Your whole registration fee goes straight to programs designed to support first responders from Ambulance Victoria, Fire Rescue Victoria, Victoria Police and ESTA (000 Operators) with mental health injuries.

The connection between exercise and improved mental health is well documented and let’s face it, the pandemic home restrictions have made us all aware of what it is to have our mental health impacted, how important it is to exercise and how much exercise impacts on your own general feeling of wellbeing.   All this, packaged up with the important benefits of improved heart health and knocking those COVID kilos away by walking 9000 steps a day as well as helping a great charity. You can choose to make October a month of great personal development and community impact.   

The 000-9000 Step Challenge gives you a chance to:


  • Improve your physical and mental health through regular exercise.
  • Feel a sense of achievement by getting off that couch and moving.
  • Raise money to help support First Responders suffering from PTSD.

Thank you Code 9

We were inspired by my sister Julie Scollary, and thought we was time to get our lives back on track.. NO MORE EXCUSES! What started out as an attempt at 9000 steps per day (and a donation for a great cause) has turned running 3 to 4 times a week and at home workouts. I have found my love for running again, and my husband who never ran also loves running now. We have both lost weight, but most importantly gained control of our lives again! Thank you Julie and Thank you Code 9"

000-9000 Stepper 2020