Registration for 000-9000 Step Challenge

OCTOBER 1st - 31st 2021

Take yourself from 000 to 9000 steps! 
Any way you can!

So you want to shake off some of those COVID kilos, improve your mental health and help out The Code 9 Foundation?

Register here to support the 000 - 9000 steps challenge for The Code 9 Foundation.   The first steps to improving your physical and mental health and supporting the health of first responders starts here. 

Register now and get stepping for The Code 9 Foundation for October.  #000to9000



Celebrate your commitment and add a Challenge Coin to your order! 

These functional challenge coins are designed to help ground you if your mind is trying to keep you in the past. Run your fingers along the edge of the coin, focus on the ridges, to bring you back to the present moment. The deep breathing technique will also help guide you to slow down and get yourself back on track.

Keep it yourself or maybe gift it to someone that needs it!

  • Grounding Tool
  • Free Delivery 
  • Protective Case
  • Thoughtful gift


(Incl. 10% tax)

Why not also look the part with a 000 - 9000 Step Challenge Training Tee?

(Incl. 10% tax)


Made from moisture-wicking material these singlets are a fantastic addition to your sporting kit.

(Incl. 10% tax)
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Unable to step up but still want to help?


If you're unable to commit to the 000-9000 Step Up Challenge this time, but would still like to show your support to your First Responders with PTSD, why not make a donation?

Help The Code 9 Foundation to provide support and life saving assistance dogs to those suffering from PTSD.
Your donation will assist The Code 9 Foundation in supporting the mental health of current and veteran first responders, 000 operators, and their partners and carers through a range of projects and activities.

Don't forget to upload your screenshots!